Clear Acrylic Wedding Table Plan
Clear Acrylic Wedding Table Plan
Acrylic wedding table plan
Acrylic wedding table plan

Clear Acrylic Wedding Table Plan

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Acrylic Wedding Seating Plan • Table Plan • Seating Chart • A2, A1 or A0 Perspex® • Custom Vinyl Lettering • UK + 3 day Worldwide Shipping.


For our wedding table plan creations, we work with the highest class Perspex® Clear Acrylic.

The sheet is 3mm thick which elevates the designs and adds a more solid presence.

The edges are always perfectly polished (not this saw-cut, white-scratched ugliness we’ve seen elsewhere).

The clear acrylic table plan is among the fastest trending and show-stopping pieces for weddings.

The transparency of the clear acrylic (perspex) pairs perfectly with modern calligraphy fonts to create a versatile range of styles.

You can be minimal, yet edgy. Classically elegant, yet cool. It is safe to say these will get your crowd talking.

  • 3mm thick highest class perspex clear acrylic
  • polished smooth edges
  • Free UK delivery, enter you address for shipping costs worldwide

Versatile fonts, sizes, and modern templates

Revamp your event decor with our stunning frosted acrylic seating chart.

This must-have addition comes in three different sizes – A2, A1, and A0 – to accommodate events of all sizes.

The A2 size is perfect for smaller events with up to 7 tables, while the A1 size comfortably fits receptions with up to 12 tables.

For larger events, our A0 size seating chart can easily accommodate 20-25 tables.


A0 (84cm x 118cm)
Suitable for a heading plus <10+ tables

A1 (59cm x 84cm)
Suitable for a heading plus 1-12 tables

A2 (42cm x 59cm)
Suitable for a heading plus 1-7 tables

Acrylic colours

The full range of acrylic boards. Displayed are a clear acrylic, mirrored acrylic, gold acrylic, rose gold acrylic, frosted acrylic, black acrylic.

Fonts and templates

Our seating chart also comes with four pre-designed templates that are optional, giving you the freedom to create a custom brief that suits your unique preferences. With hundreds of fonts available, you can also work with our team to create a completely custom seating chart that is tailored to your specific needs.

Make a lasting impression on your guests with our stylish frosted acrylic seating chart. Select your preferred size and template from our collection and add the perfect finishing touch to your event decor.

Displayed are two out of four modern acrylic seating chart templates.
Displayed are two out of four modern acrylic seating chart templates.

Font options

Displayed are the full range of wedding fonts which are popular for weddings 2023 and weddings 2024.

Customise your table plan

Customise this product

Customise with a wide variety of different acrylic, paint, fonts and vinyl colours to choose from.

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